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About Us

A seasoned team built to create innovations in health utilizing the art of the possible while grounded in the reality of operating businesses constrained by legacy models. Our balanced approach enables a practical method of redesign without compromising the operation of the business.

We enable new ideas in population health engagement, mobile and AI innovation, machine learning and consumer centricity in healthcare and lifestyle guidance in the U.S.A., Europe, Central America and globally.

What We Do

We design and deploy strategies creating more efficient healthcare delivery through the use of new technologies, insights and collaboration. This design work is centered around the individual and their community to increase access, lower barriers to care and create improved outcomes.


The concept of Smart Healthcare

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Smart healthcare can promote interaction between all parties in the healthcare field, ensure that participants get the services they need, help the parties make informed decisions, and facilitate the rational allocation of resources. In short, smart healthcare is a higher stage of information construction in the medical field.


Remote Patient Monitoring

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Connected health devices run the gamut from wearable heart monitors, to Bluetooth-enabled scales, to Fitbits. They provide health measures of patients and transmit them back to providers to facilitate healthcare decisions and support from afar. Remote patient monitoring technologies are akin to telemedicine technologies, since they automatically observe and report on patients, often with chronic illnesses, so caregivers can remotely keep care for their patients.


Vocal Biomarkers

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Vocal biomarkers are a novel technique developed to detect the presence of disease from speech characteristics. By decoding the vocal intonations in real-time, the technology can provide holistic treatment and quality patient care. The global vocal biomarkers market is bound to touch a valuation of USD 2.5 billion by 2023. It is driven the prevalence of various neurological and psychological diseases such as Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, attention deficit and disruptive behavior disorders, traumatic brain injury, and others.

Our Customers

Technology Companies

reimagining the healthcare experience

Public Entities

seeking a smart health ecosystem

Private Employers

exploring digital enablement of their human capital to promote wellbeing and productivity

Healthcare Systems

applying new technology to promote access and ease of use


in pursuit of public health advancements for their citizens

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